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Squad Square

Website ReDesign

Role: UX/UI Researcher and Designer on a Team of Two

When: November 2016

Duration: Two Weeks

What: Redesign of existing website


Squad Square is a team of professionals with global experience in talent acquisition, recruiting, human resources, compensation, employee engagement, employee relations, and corporate culture. The goal of the Squad Square website is to inform users of their services, provide free resources, and allow users to purchase packages to further their experience with the company. While the current site contains all of the necessary information, it is difficult for users to navigate and understand what Squad Square has to offer.


To provide Squad Square with a redesign of their site which would clearly define their business and better display their free and paid services.


Small businesses looking to outsource HR, job seekers who are recent graduates to those changing careers later in life, and individuals looking to advance in their current positions.


Squad Square's current site contains too much copy and is hard for users to navigate. Important information is difficult to find, and users tend to give up before understanding what services are offered.


Redesign Squad Square's site to focus on key points and reorganize the site map to better distribute the information currently on the homepage.

Research Methods

Research Takeaways

The consensus among individual users was that they felt stuck in their current careers; they were seeking personalized service to help them transition to a new, better place in their lives. Most of all they valued testimonials and positive reviews from outside sources. 


Small businesses had a completely different set of needs from the individual users. They were looking to outsource recruiting for higher-level employees. They had lost time and resources by hiring the wrong people and with a lack of HR, departments were left to do their own training. 


Using the insights from our interviews we were able to develop two personas of which to base the designs off of. 

Usability Testing

When usability testing Squad Square’s site, I was surprised to see how long certain tasks took users. On average, users took 2 minutes and 21 seconds to understand the site offerings; when testing the competitor sites it was an average of only 21 seconds. 


During testing, I first noticed users did not want to read through the large amount of copy on the site. The information was there, but they scrolled past it before getting a chance to take any of it in.

A redesign of the individual user flow simplifying the process for users

For the design, I focused mainly on simplifying the site so that users could understand what Squad Square had to offer and gave them the ability to access those services with ease. 

By including a mission statement immediately at the front of the site, users were able to understand the site offerings a full 2 minutes quicker than before. Users also were able to locate rates drastically faster, when some could not locate them at all previously.

Next Steps


Speak with a developer on design concepts

Career Portal 

Design a career portal for the free site


Design a dashboard for coaches and users

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