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Omnicom Corporate Responsibility

Website UX

Role: UX Designer

When: April 2017

Duration: 1 Month

What: UX architecture & design


Omnicom's companies participate in a substantial amount of charitable and social work each year. I was tasked with creating a site that could easily be updated to display case studies from the causes with which they had worked. These causes spanned across a number of categories, including education, community, people, and environment. I created templates that would work for all content throughout various sections on the site. 
Working with other members of the team, we utilized card-sorting methods to organize case studies into buckets for each category: education, community, people, and environment. 


Based on the card-sorting exercise, I created a simple sitemap that organized the content into each bucket, and could be flexible if new content needed to be added. 



After the case studies for the site had been effectively bucketed, I moved on to creating wireframes. I created a template that would work for the different content of each case study.


With the exception of the environment category, which had fewer case studies and a unique template to display them, most content on the site could fit within one template.

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