Legalshield - associates-only back office

Website ReDesign

Role: UX Designer on a team of two, with strategy, tech, and design support

When: August 2017 - October 2017

Duration: 3 Months

What: Experience Strategy


Legalshield, a corporation that sells legal service products through independent associates, had a complex back office to serve their employees. Associates could track sales, access training materials, manage their teams, and more. However, the back office was difficult to navigate, and users often had trouble finding what they were looking for due to the information was spread across different sites. Legalshield asked for an updated, easy-to-navigate experience to help associates achieve their goals. 


Create a cohesive, easily navigated back office experience for associates. 


Legalshield Associates looking to keep track of sales, promotions, and access training material.

Original Dashboard


Legalshield's online resources for their associates are spread across different websites. The associates have trouble finding what they need between the different sites and miss vital information to help them with their independent businesses. 


Combine the different sites into a single, manageable experience and update the look and feel based on the redesign of

Redesigned Dashboard (top portion)

User Interviews

In order to understand user needs, we conducted interviews with a variety of associates. We spoke with everyone from top salespeople to newer associates in order to address a full spectrum of needs. 

The interviews confirmed our assumptions that users wanted immediate access to sales information, and they helped shape which information was most important to display. The interviews also confirmed our biggest assumption: the separated sites caused users to miss a lot of information, and they wanted a single experience for their needs. 

Competitive User Journeys

Competitive user journeys

Site Architecture

After gaining a better understanding of what information users needed, I conducted an audit of the different back office sites. After finding duplications, opportunities to combine pages, and outdated materials, I created a proposed sitemap for the new back office. The new sitemap combined sites and offered high-level landing pages with easier paths to information. 

Original Sitemaps
Original Sitemaps
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Proposed Sitemap
Proposed Sitemap
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A selection of wireframes from the site