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Display User Insights

Feature redesign

Role: UX/UI Designer

When: July 2021

Duration: 1 Month

What: UX Strategy, Design, & QA

1.0 analytics-view11.png
1.0 analytics-view-1.png


Display Social is the "social that pays". Based on this, analytics are important for users trying to keep track of and increase their earnings on the app. The current user insights page provides a limited amount of information in a difficult to digest format. The objective of redesign this feature is to create a more user friendly, in depth view of analytics for users trying to earn with Display. 



  • Add additional insights specific to posts 

  • Add insights for users to track friends and followers

  • Add insight information on successful posts, and create a path for users to add similar content


  • Surface hidden elements on the page

  • Use clearer language to filter results

  • Restructure the tabs to reflect user needs surrounding insights

  • Use UI elements that match the app redesign 

1.0 analytics-view.png

Current user insights screen

In the current user insights screen, the tabs are "analytics" and "family tree". The analytics screen hides filterable items on a scroll, uses language "this week" when it is referring to the past seven days, and shows information on posts that is no different than if you were to visit a post itself. 

The family tree shows who invited you, and who signed up under your link, which according to users we spoke to was less important than post or earning information. 

Using information gleaned from user interviews and usability tests, and conversations with tech on our capability, I created the proposed designs below

Proposed Designs

The proposed designs include a new tab structure, surfaced topics to filter through on the overview screen, a posts tab that matches the UI in the recent profile redesign, and additional in-depth analytic information on an earnings tab. To make the data more actionable, I have added a CTA to add a post when a user is learning about what types of posts do best for them.

1.0 analytics-view.png
1.0 analytics-view-1.png
1.0 analytics-view1_2x.png
1.0 analytics-view11.png

Next steps

Design has been separated into three phases for the development team to implement. As each phase completes I will assist in QA to ensure the designs and interactions are being properly developed

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