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Website redesign

Role: UX/UI Designer

When: October 2020

Duration: 1 Week

What: UX Strategy & Design



FishCat is a nonprofit that works to  empower global communities to help solve deforestation, extinction, and climate change. They began by working to protect the fishing cat, and are growing to do much more for our planet. My objective was to bring their new focuses to light, clarify their mission, reprioritize and update their home page within one week, to develop before the next quarterly email. 



  • Remove any duplicate modules

  • Move toward simplified, user-friendly language

  • Update mission statement to reflect new goals 

  • Clarify how FishCat works


  • Explore the current structure 

  • Determine a clear flow for users

  • Create a new page structure reflecting business goals

Original Site

The original site was a long scroll with the majority of information hidden behind accordion menus. In an attempt to keep everything on one page, clarity was lost, and there was no clear path to understanding what FishCat was and how they work before being prompted to contribute. 

Proposed restructuring 

In order to restructure the page, I created a proposed order that would guide users to understanding what FishCat was, how they worked, and what made them unique before being asked to get involved. 

Based on this order, which removed unneccesary and duplicative content, I created a new design for the page.  

Artboard Copy.png


Using the existing content, modified to include more concise, user friendly language, I created a design for the new FishCat landing page.


Due to the short project time of one week, the goal was to quickly create something based on the new structure that could be sent out in their quarterly newsletter, and then tested and iterated on in the months to come. 


Next steps

Once the development is complete, we will receive feedback from stakeholders and proceed to conduct usability testing on Based on the feedback, we will iterate and continue to test the page. 

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