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Better Life VIetnam

Website ReDesign

Role: Lead UX Designer

When: January 2017 - April 2017

Duration: Four Months

What: UX Strategy to increase donation rates 


Through research, testing, and design, I worked with the non-profit and collaborated with team members to improve usability, update the site, and create a new user flow to increase donation rates.


Improve usability, update the site, and create a new user flow to increase donation rates and participation in the BLV Program


Mission-focused individuals ages 18-45 to participate in the program, companies and individuals active in charity work to donate.


Better Life Vietnam's site does not clearly define their mission and opportunities, and it does not easily guide users toward a donation path.


Redesign Better Life Vietnam's site to clearly illustrate their cause and create a new user flow to help guide users to donate. 

Research Methods

Usability Testing Takeaways

Through usability testing, I learned that users did not immediately understand the mission of Better Life Vietnam. The presence of their partner, Tours for Books, on the homepage confused users into thinking the organization served a different purpose. 

Users felt there was too much copy on the site and skipped around, causing them not to understand BLV's purpose and leaving BLV without enough credibility for users to donate.

Original page from BLV site


When redesigning the site, I focused mainly on reducing the large amount of copy and clarifying BLV's message for users. 

I surfaced CTA's to donate, reduced copy, and reorganized page structure for an optimal experience.

Next Steps


Work on a new set of styles to update the look & feel of the site


Help better organize the blog to support BLV's message


Restructure the site's architecture for an optimal user experience 

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